Logistiek concept en Fysieke productielogistiekProduction Logistics Concept

‘An increasing number of product variants, a shorter lead time, increasing complexity, reduced stocks and sustainability.’ These are challenges you will be familiar with related to your logistics concept. Managing the material flow in the factory and more generally the supply chain is where our logistics consultancy activities focus on.

Starting from a Value Stream Map (VSM), we determine with the project team how the supply chain is physically built and managed. The focus will always be on simplicity and FLOW supported by LEAN principles and a management which can be performed ‘on the shop floor’ as much as possible. The trick is to supportively deploy ERP without turning it into an excessive administrative burden.

With Ergo-Design, you are in the right place for well-advised production logistics

From merging warehouses to implementing a Kanban system in the workplace, Ergo-Design is your partner when it comes to optimising your logistics process or supply chain. Please call us and we will explore the opportunities for a new or improved logistics concept together.