Aebi Schmidt

Aebi – Takt clock

With a glance at the Takt Clock, every assembly employee at Aebi Schmidt knows the current state of production progress. The Takt-clock developed by Ergo-Design helps to achieve a high delivery performance. Aebi-Schmidt assembles its Nido spreading & spraying machines according to the Lean production principles. With the ‘visual factory, the results are visible to everyone in the workplace.

The ‘heartbeat of the assembly-line’ was established after implementation of the Takt clock. On displays, each employee can see when the product needs to be ready for the next assembly step. The clock also shows the planned and the produced number of products. The big advantage is that everyone has clarity about the progress of the assembly processes. ‘Rest and regularity’ is the result, in which the entire assembly can operate as a well-oiled clockwork, says production manager Dick Paalman. There exist many forms of the takt clock. We will gladly show you all the possibilities.

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