Takt clock & ScorebordTakt klok & Scorebord

LEAN management and Continuous Improvement ask for KPIs that can be easily monitored. Performance of production and logistics must be directly visible in the workplace. This creates a balanced rhythm in normal situations, but quick actions can be taken if any deviations occur. To support this, ED has developed a configurable platform for Takt Clocks, Scoreboards and Andon systems. You decide what is important for your organisation and which indicators should be displayed. We can configure our modular and flexible software rapidly and efficiently to provide your production with accurate on-line information.

Our basis is simple and very affordable. The platform can use signals from, among others, PLCs, sensors or barcode scanning to register a finished product, a deviation (Andon) or a line stop. Expansion to multiple clocks in a (wireless) network in a server-client environment with central configuration is also possible. Logfiles can be recorded to perform data analysis.

Function of the takt clock applied to the production process

The declining remaining time to finish the next product on the Takt clock is the most widely used indicator to show the production pace, together with the score that shows how far ahead or behind the production is compared to the plan. After implementation, a more relaxed atmosphere arises with rest and regularity ‘enforced’ by the rhythm of the Takt clock. We are happy to work with you in visualising your performance.