Production Master PlanProduction Master Plan

Expand? Build a new facility? Scale down?’ These are uncommon questions that are difficult to answer for many organisations. As part of our daily practice we create Production and Logistics Master Plans (PLMP) to answer these questions. You will be challenged to reflect on your production policy for the next five years. Based on your business plan, production vision, product development and sales projections, important choices are made in:


  • Production and logistics concept for the value stream
  • Layout and flow (see also Factory Design)
  • Scaling and implementation in time
  • Investments
  • Production organisation

An improved flow as a starting point

A Production Master Plan is therefore an important guide in the development of an integrated approach to production and logistics. As a result, you may expect a better flow with a shorter lead time, as well as increased delivery reliability and improved quality at a lower cost.

Ergo-Design has extensive experience in drafting Production Master Plans and executing Layout and Logistics feasibility studies for various industries. Our previous clients include Scania Trucks, DAF Trucks, Aldipress, BOSCH Nefit, BOSCH Transmission Technology (VDT), DORC, Enrichment Technology, Mars Masterfoods, Nefit Industrial, Philips, Unipro, among others. In short, we offer a wide variety of project experience, knowledge of procedures, and an approach in which the knowledge and experience of the client are integrated.

Please contact us for professional support in the creation of your Production and Logistics Master Plan.