line designLine design

Production is the location where value is added (Gemba) and, therefore, the core of the factory. A good line design is based on a deliberate production and logistics concept and forms the basis for the final realisation. Balanced choices have to be made for a Takted line or dock assembly, the type of transportation and the number of stations. Then the material line supply method is created from the logistics concept and any possible ‘subs’.

In order to achieve a balanced workload, assembly times are set and activities are optimally distributed across the stations. The Line Design process results in a complete functional specification and a roadmap for establishing your production process. If you wish, we can also support the implementation up to the Factory and Site Acceptance Tests.

Extensive experience in Line design

Thanks to our extensive experience in designing and optimising production lines, we have worked with all kinds of shapes and sizes. From surgical instruments to trucks, from specials with very small production numbers to millions of products annually. As a result, we are able to offer customised support in designing or optimising your production line and logistics.