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‘Becoming LEAN is working with people’. We determine a vision and make a training plan as part of the LEAN Roadmap. This is a very important foundation to change the culture within the organisation. The training is customised and will include a selection from the following modules, possibly supplemented by company-specific factors.




The lean courses at Ergo Design B.V. are:

Value Stream Mapping*
3 days
Kaizen workshops
1 – 5 days
Lean production game
0,5 day
White Belt training
1 day- basics LEAN + LEAN game
Orange Belt training
4 days Basics LEAN Six Sigma
(together with Symbol B.V.)
followed by an assignment
Green Belt training
10 days (together wit our partner Symbol B.V.)
Black Belt training
20 days (together with our partner Symbol B.V.)


* The Value Stream Analysis (Value Stream Map) clarifies production and logistics concepts. At a glance, it is clear where value is added and where waste occurs. This waste is structurally reduced in Kaizen workshops and Continuous Improvement Teams.