material flow simulation modelMaterial Flow Simulation Model

‘Serious Gaming’ is a booming business. Strong growth in our simulation activities is evidence of this. Your future ‘Smart Factory’ starts with simulating your plans. First, your logistics process is reconstructed in a ‘Virtual Factory’ to analyse the dynamic behaviour. Then we can use the simulation to optimise existing situations and justify investments. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, combined with expertise in smart building blocks and simulation applications, Ergo-Design can employ simulation efficiently and effectively.


Achieve more efficiency with a material flow simulation model

Our team of experienced simulation and application specialists not only build a simulation model, they also offer support with optimising and designing your materials flow. From packaging Mars bars to complete automobile or truck factories, virtually any process can be simulated and optimised prior to investing. Simulation is a powerful tool that can be used to quantify future scenarios. The VDA (Verband der Autombilindustrie) has estimated that “each € spent on simulations on average results in a € 6 saving!”

As specialists, we build the model so that you can start using it. Will you challenge us? Please contact us for your own flow simulation model.