cell designCell design

In both manufacturing and assembly, production is carried out in so-called stations or work cells, that can be part of a production line.

Competition ensures a constant pressure on production costs, quality and reliability. In the trade-off between customer, business and employee interests, the right choices have to be made to optimally organise the production station. Efficient production requires an optimal coordination between work, worker and station. We zoom in on products, process steps, used techniques and staff for this. According to the roadmap, together with the relevant engineers and production staff, the right choices will be made to reach an efficient workspace design in which good product quality and ergonomics are integrated.

Industrial cell design for an optimal workspace

Based on decades of experience in Mechanical engineering design, Process Control (6 sigma) and Ergonomics, we are happy to assist you in designing and optimising your industrial workplaces. If required, we manage the process up to implementation.