In the last decades, we have cooperated with other parties in many ways. We work closely with the following partners:

samenwerken met bonnema



Experts in the field of logistics. Our formula for success is: Work hard, excellent technical knowledge, founded recommendations, years of experience and satisfied customers.

samenwerking TU Delft



The TU Delft cooperates with many educational and research institutions in the Netherlands and other countries. They are known, like us, for their high standards in research and education.

samenwerking Universiteit Twente



High tech, human touch. That is the University of Twente. Together with 3300 scientist and professionals they provide groundbreaking research, relevant innovations and inspiring education for more than 9000 students.



Improving the competitive position and efficiency of organisations, that is Symbol.

samenwerking hollander techniek



Groundbreaking work is a continuous process that never stops. With our integral technical solutions in our specialties in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, security, swimming pool technology, IT, Robotics, Industrial automation, shop automation.