DAF Axis Line

Assurance and savings through Simulation

DAF AssenWith an impressive Monorail System (EMS), front and rear axles of DAF Westerlo (B) are imported in the truck factory at Eindhoven. The advanced system of the company AFT transports each axis with a private carrier, with variable speed and altitude, through lifts and a tunnel to the ‘ Best Point of Use ‘ on the chassis line.

To test the logistics operation and delivery reliability to the chassis line, Ergo-Design was commissioned by AFT Benelux (www.aft.de) to perform a simulation study. Carrier and lift controls were optimised in the simulation, so that the EMS does not cause ‘line stops’ to the chassis line or axis line. Various ‘what-if’ scenarios were compared. This way, the minimum number of carriers was determined at different production numbers and it was determined how many fork lift drivers were required for a reliable line supply. The simulation model gave DAF certainty about delivery performance and line control. Furthermore, fewer carriers were needed than originally planned. Simulation Costs were thus quickly recouped!

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