3d laser scanning3D Laser Scanning breaks through

3D laser scanning is a way to capture a physical object’s exact size and shape as a digital 3D representation. In recent years, the 3D capturing of buildings and installations has grown enormously.

Redevelopment, renovation, revamping and even maintenance greatly benefit from access to the accurate information available from 3D laser scanning. More and more companies are adopting 3D laser scanning during the design and construction process. After years of promotion, we are now seeing a broad interest in this technique throughout the manufacturing and engineering industries.

More than 1.00.000 m² mapped

We can proudly report that our 3DLS laser scanning division has now scanned over 1.00.000 m². This experience, together with the rapidly growing interest, has meant that we have recently invested in the latest FARO laser scanning technology. This scanner is already the fourth generation for us and offers state-of-the-art accuracy and speed for ‘mid-range’ scanning. The compact, lightweight equipment allows us to provide efficient service worldwide.

3D is the standard

Our broad experience and specific software enables us to utilise the information from the 3D laser scanner in our ‘Digital Factory Concept’ and ‘BIM’ services. We can accurately capture existing buildings, plants and processes in 3D in a very efficient way. The scans provide direct 3D photographic information and easily create 3D measurements at any time and in any place where a laptop can be used. Using 3D laser scanning, we can now reliably estimate the impact of a renovation or installation of new equipment in advance. The ‘As-built’ situation is used as a baseline in the CAD design of the new situation. Finally, all current 3D structures can be documented (building, installation and processes) in an integrated 3D CAD master model. Our 3D technology can help you to manage your (re-)construction processes and equipment lifecycle and avoid undesirable surprises.

More information can be found on our special website: www.3DLS.nl