Scania Meppel

Innovative coating line

Scania MeppelIn 2007, Scania Production Meppel has been official opened for spray painted plastic parts for Scania truck assembly throughout Europe. Spoilers, bumpers and fronts for the Scania trucks are spray painted in a new factory in Meppel. The overall project management from conceptual phase till realisation in this innovative Production Master Plan was in the hands of Ergo-Design.

The coating process is designed according to the Scania-Production System (SPS). The result is a fully automated coating process with three parallel lines and a takt time of 85 sec. Unique to this paint shop is the fully order driven flow with a possible batch size of one chassis set. Ergo-Design has been particularly involved in the preparation of the master plan, designing the plant layout, the design of the skids, the logistics management of the production process and in consultation with the supplier the development of a new paint distribution system to reduce paint loss.

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