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Logistics centre

Scania logisticsIn April, Scania Logistics Nederland has put its new Logistic Centre Hasselt into service. Ergo-Design supported the Swedish manufacturer of trucks and buses with a proper site selection, determining the appropriate logistics processes in the LC and the site layout of this logistic hotspot.

The new node is an important part of the logistics of Scania. From the LC are all necessary components and pre-assemblies (Knockdown) of a truck shipped in containers to Scania’s global production sites, to be assembled for the end customer. The second function of the new L.C. is the storage and transport of parts that are produced outside Europe. The parts are redistributed from Hasselt to Europe. With an in-depth analysis of flows of goods, manpower and cost, Ergo-Design supported the quest in an appropriate site location for the new Logistic Centre. The existing port, the accessibility by the road network, and the proximity to the Scania production facility in Zwolle were decisive factors. In addition, ED has designed a site layout (in 3D) for the entire site and the layout of the hall (20,000m2) with eight loading docks. This concept has been transformed by the architect and contractor in the design of the new building. “The strength of Ergo-Design is that it could make a basic calculation in the conceptual design phase for the most efficient organisation of the entire logistics process”, says implementation project leader André Rook of Scania. “Visualising and calculating of all requirements enabled us to make the right decisions.” A substantial reduction of cost lies ahead by concentrating flow of goods and the increased efficiency.

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