Philips Shavers

Human centered work cell design

Human Centered Werkplek OntwerpSustainable employability of employees and thus the ergonomics of the workplace is an important issue with the rising retirement age. Our long-term relationship with Philips Drachten (the producer of the world famous shavers) is a confirmation of our commitment to lasting customer relationships.

The work cell in this project has been developed in close consultation with the operators and process engineers from Philips. Within four days, a deliberate design was selected based on efficiency, ergonomics and employees. The visualisation of the line, the different variants of the work cells, Work Factor time studies and employee participation are supported by the Industrial Engineering software. The anthropometry (‘human dimensions’) of the operator population forms the basis for ergonomic workplace design. All necessary equipment, tooling and fixtures are grouped around the operator in a logical and ergonomic manner. The result is a ‘first time right’ work cell with high efficiency and employee satisfaction.

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