Nefit Industrial

New assembly station Nefit Industrial

Nefit IndustrialGieterij Nefit Industrial heeft een groeiend aantal assemblage activiteiten. Voor een nieuw type warmtewisselaarverdeelset heeft Ergo-Design een assemblagecel ontworpen, bestaand uit meerdere stations. Een gecombineerd optimum voor Ergonomie, Efficiency en Logistiek was daarbij het doel.

After a product and process analysis, the material supply (kanban), the used containers and the specific tools were determined. Various work-cell designs were developed in Delmia Process Engineer software. Feedback from the management and staff on the 3D layouts has determined the final choice. The Nefit Industrial production manager, Cees Alberts, reports that “Ergo-Design is strong in designing work cells and production lines layouts. 3D visualisation is a powerful tool to support choices. The integrated logistics approach helps to decrease stocks.” The project formed the basis for a long-term relationship between Nefit Industrial and Ergo-Design. Systematic Layout Planning of the entire factory was one of the following projects.

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