Logistic simulation as a training tool

mars chocolaAt its plant in Viersen, Germany, Mars produces about 50 Twix bars per second. Recently, a new packaging line was implemented, which can package three different bar lengths simultaneously. Ergo-Design has developed a realistic training tool for this line in which operators can train the optimal operation of the packing line, before it is put into service.

Managing the production and packaging department is a difficult task because the supply of Twix bars cannot be shut down. Moreover, it takes some time before the change in the production process is noticeable for the packing department. Thus, operators must think well ahead and make the right decisions. Ergo-Design developed a training simulator consisting of a simulation model with the look and feel of the actual equipment. This allowed dozens of operators to be trained in controlling the new line prior the implementation. Mars Viersen has created a vertical ramp-up in which with the start-up losses in this million-dollar investment were limited to a minimum.

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