Production Master Plan Holec in One

Eaton - holecEaton Industries Netherlands BV (Former: Holec Holland) is a company which develops and produces a wide range of medium and low-voltage switchgear systems and components. Based on projected operational and logistical improvements, Eaton made the ambitious plan to merge three existing production sites on a new greenfield site. The so-called ‘HOLEC in ONE project.

Ergo-Design has supported Eaton in the design process with expertise and tools. For the low voltage factory in particular, Systematic Layout Planning has contributed greatly to determining the place and size of the warehouse, production departments and workplaces. This resulted in a balanced plan with specific attention to working conditions, ergonomics, logistics and flexibility for the future. Detailed space specifications for all departments, efficiency and logistics optimisation, internal transport and packaging were part of a comprehensive ‘step change’.

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